Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Northside Realty differs from other brokerage firms. Our agents keep 100% of their commissions. Northside Realty offers agents 7 day office access with private conference rooms, computer center with high speed DSL and the latest contract software, personalized help and advice, career counseling, free use of copiers and fax, flexibility to sell full or part-time, and freedom from mandatory office hours and quotas. Northside Realty - A True 100% Commission Office.



100% Agent Plan

Over the years, the compensation arrangements between brokers and sales associates have been splits ranging between 50/50 to a percentage of 70/30. This traditional approach benefits the owner/broker, and most sales associates believe they must accept these heavy reductions into their earnings in order to successfully practice real estate.

This program works fine until the sales associate actually determines how much of the sales commission goes to the broker. It is a revealing process!

Most associates feel the amount of money going to compensate the owner/broker tips the scale to an unfair balance. Brokers feel that the rising cost of labor is an unfair burden at a time when company margins are shrinking to an all time low. We see a struggle over assets and a never ending cycle of fee and compensation negotiations. Many sales associates begin the search for other options.

Sales associates may try to negotiate a better split with their brokers. Others consider the desk fee or 100% commission offices. Many are shocked to find “so-called” 100% commission offices entail tremendous charges for desk and office space. Combined with marketing costs and other expenses, the sales associate's monthly overhead goes through the roof. Those hard earned commissions disappear through monthly charges and what was thought to be a 100% commission deal becomes a 70/30 split at best.

Northside operates with an affordable plan that really works! Our sales associates pay only $79 per month. For this reasonable fee, you can use our beautiful office facilities, or have the freedom to work from anywhere. We provide MLS access in our computer center with high-speed internet connections and the latest software technology. 

Our knowledgeable staff works to helps you through every sale. From contract questions to closing disbursements, we are here to support the sales team. Plus, Northside offers free photocopies, faxes and forms for all your sales needs. In addition, private conference rooms, work stations and all office facilities are available seven days a week.

Northside sales associates experience the full support of a traditional brokerage firm with a critical difference. The commission you earn is yours to keep. We eliminate fee splitting and the high overhead costs sales associates encounter from the traditional and desk fee firms. For a minimal monthly amount, and affordable $299 per transaction service charge, you too can “feel the freedom!”

For More Details On How You Can Start Earning What You Deserve, Contact L.W. Nick Nicolaysen Broker-In-Charge at (919) 784-0101, or email

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